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Owner / Instructor Training and educating since 2007, creating a twist on Pilates since 2020.  Pilates, twisted - New joint venture coming soon! After practicing, teaching, and recovering from injuries throughout my career - I’ve developed a new method that combines several different practices.  After trying various treatments in hopes to heal - I was left only with a puzzle.  After 5 years, and putting the pieces together; my injuries finally healed. However - I was still left wondering, why wasn’t I able to find the resources I needed within one practice? My twist on Pilates is designed to teach us how to move with intent, performance, and confidence. I don’t love to go by the book creating my workouts, or in life. Instead, I lead and teach from experience. Based in Huntington Beach, I provide hands-on, virtual sessions, and host private retreats catered to each client’s needs.

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