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“Lisa did the impossible -- she turned me from someone who used to dread working out into someone who actually enjoys it!  Her patience, knowledge, and creativity made every hour go by (almost) too quickly.  I even tried to convince her to move when I had to move!”

'Lisa has completely changed my life.  I have never been very good about sticking with any exercise program, but Pilates with Lisa has been a completely different story.  I can't wait to work out with Lisa - every session is different and I am never bored.  On top of it all, I look better now than ever and have muscles in places that I didn't even know I had!  Everyone should have Lisa in their lives -- she has definitely changed mine for the better!”


"I have been working with Lisa for about a year and a half now, and I've been hooked on her personalized brand of pilates ever since. She has truly helped me completely change my body. I had been cardio-ing and gym-ing my heart out, and she was the first person to really hone in on a custom program to help me feel and look amazing! She is incredibly charismatic and funny, making working out the best part of my day." 

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